We are located in the center of the historic town on Smartsville's Main Street, which is at the corner of Smartsville Main Street and O'Brien.


Kit Burton, President

Kathy Smith, Vice President

Janet Burton, Secretary

Brian Bisnett Treasurer

Terry Nester, Board Member

Bo Bevitori, Board Member

Jacob Shortridge, Board Member

Our Board of Directors has regular meetings at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of each north at the Smartsville Community Church.

SCRFI is the acronym, pronounced “Scruffy”, for our non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation entitled Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, Inc.  Our mission is to save and restore the former Catholic church for use as a community/visitors’ center and museum.



As a private non-profit corporation with a limited sphere of influence you can probably imagine how difficult it is for us to obtain the funding we need to continue our restoration work.  Much of our financial help comes from private individuals in Yuba, Sutter, and Nevada Counties.  Most of our donations are small and come from dedicated supporters. We are constantly looking for grants and donations from corporations and would welcome any suggestions sent our way.

Pioneer Day  is our annual fund-raising and public awareness event.


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We produce quarterly newsletters that we send to members (also called Scruffies) on our email list.  If you would like to be placed on our list please go to the form on the home page , give us your email address and specifically ask to be placed on our list. Below you will find links to  past newsletters. 


Smartsville Church Restoration Fund a 501(c)3 nonprofit
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Volunteers are always welcome.  We believe that local volunteers, i.e. citizens of the Smartsville area are the backbone of our Board of Directors as well as our crew of RODNEY’S ROUSTABOUTS.  The Roustabouts are local citizens that are ready to give their assistance for any number of reasons from clean-up, painting, or construction labor.  Our chief construction volunteer Rodney Ivie is the namesake for Rodney’s Roustabouts.  Rodney and his good friend Steve Winchell have performed most of the construction restoration on our church.

We can always use volunteers that have experience in public relations, grant writing, graphic design, engineering, architecture, historic structures, land use planning and decorative woodworking. If you would like to volunteer fill in the form on the home page.