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Many descendants have shared valuable information with us as well. Stories and photographs that sometime they didn't even know what they were of have been identified and enhance our knowledge of the past. Much of this will make up will be displayed as of the local history collection inside the completed building. If you have anything to share please let us know.


 Genealogy has been an important component  of our outreach efforts. Vice President Kathy Smith found our restoration project while researching the part of her family who were pioneers of Timbuctoo and Smartsville. This inspired her research of the history of the Rose Bar Township and the desire to preserve the facts and stories to be available for others who were interested. That led to connecting with other Rose Bar pioneer descendants who had themselves begun to investigate their own family stories.  It has also led to some momentous discoveries and meetings that have moved us all.  For many of these pioneer families Pioneer Day  (last Saturday each April) has become a traditional family outing/reunion.  They can come visit the towns to see what life for those ancestors was like, and meet with descendants who may be related or were friends with their ancestors. This spin off from our restoration efforts is another one of our significant achievements.

If you are a descendant of people who settled in the area and you would like to find information on anyone who called this place home contact Kathy. She is always excited to hear from fellow descendants and share whatever she can about their family.

 Information about the original settlers as well as folks who just passed through is archived the  Rose Bar Township Tree  on