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The 2018, structural engineering design resulted in construction plans to repair deficiencies in the bell tower.  Because this bell tower project is beyond the scope of what can be accomplished by  our available volunteers, SCRFI has embarked on a fund-raising plan  to raise necessary funds to hire a contractor who is capable to complete the work.

Repair the structural issues

Repair/replace existing front door

Protect the entire front building face with new siding

Repair/replace the bell cupola

Attach a new pre-fabricated spire to the top of the cupola.

Restoration of the Interior structure of the Bell Tower 

SCRFI has estimated that the cost of this project is between $100k and $200k.  The wide range of cost is because options involving replacing or using a prefabricated copula are unknown and are yet to be determined.

 is the next goal for the Smartsville Church Restoration Fund, Inc.   In the past several years we have constructed a new reinforced concrete foundation for the bell tower and we have constructed a new front porch and steps with beautiful Victorian hand railing.  However beautiful this work may be, portions of the bell tower are open to weather and protection of the front of the building is urgently needed.

To determine the most appropriate and cost-effective method of making the structural repairs we enlisted the services of a Registered Structural Engineer who has prepared plans and specifications for the necessary work.

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Because of the way the bell tower was originally constructed and because portions of it have been open to the weather, there are some areas containing damaged wood that may need to be either repaired or replaced.  These structural repairs must be made before any other part of our new project can be accomplished.  

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